What just happened?

We got married! On Friday, September 2nd 2016, we tied the knot in a private ceremony (so private that nobody was there except a photographer and a judge) at San Francisco City Hall. Afterwards, we enjoyed a pre-packed picnic of our favorite foods at the Sutro Baths along the city's shore. Shortly after that, we embarked on our honeymoon and headed north to Central Oregon, where we camped under the stars in the Deschutes National Forest.

Coming to the party?

Our House, December 3rd, 2016

Transportation and Parking

Our home is a ten-minute walk from El Cerrito Plaza Bart station. You can take Bart or AC Transit buses to the Plaza station, then walk or cab or Uber or Lyft to our house.

There is limited parking on our street, Rockway Avenue. There is more parking available along our two cross streets, Ashbury Avenue and Colusa Avenue. Additionally, parking is free at the Bart station parking lot and there is always plenty of space available on the weekend.


We're getting fancy! After all, it's a marriage celebration and a holiday party all wrapped into one big festivus. Of course, we want our friends to wear what you'll be comfortable in, but we'll be dressed up!

Children are welcome

Bring your kids! However, hide your pets. Finnegan (dog) will be joining us for our party. Violet will be in her quarters (the guest room) during our party, in case guests are allergic, and also because she is a typical anti-social cat.

Weekend Itinerary

Friday December 2nd

If you're visiting from out of town or just want to spend as much of the weekend with us as possible, please join us that evening in uptown Oakland, where we'll be grabbing a bite to eat and some drinks.

Saturday December 3rd

Party starts at 4pm and we'll see where the night takes us, see you then! Prepare to enjoy cocktails, Latin American snacks, and a full Mexican dinner, followed by a smattering of anti-cake sweets. Be advised, there will be lots of music, schmoozing, and dancing.

Sunday December 4th

We hope you can join us for a day of fresh outdoors and party leftovers. Exact location TBD, but we will most likely congregate at one of the nearby regional parks, around the Berkeley-Oakland area.

We love you. And, see you soon!

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